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Feel Strong.
Feel Capable.
Feel Pain-Free.
Feel Balanced.


Strength Training

Our approach focuses on rectifying muscular imbalances, enhancing posture, and optimizing movement patterns to build a foundation of functional strength.


Massage Therapy

Through precise and targeted techniques, we release tension, promote blood circulation, and improve muscle function, fostering relaxation and aiding in pain relief.

Results You Can Feel

Tailoring our programs to your unique aspirations, we work collaboratively to define and achieve your health and fitness objectives, ensuring a journey that's truly your own.

Who We Serve

We believe that individuals at both extremes of the spectrum have resources available to fulfill their needs.

However, the majority of people fall somewhere in the middle.


About The Trainer

Cecilia DiPasquale

B.S. Exercise Science

Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Massage Therapist

I use a mix of my experiences working with corrective exercise/muscle therapies in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy offices, my Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, and strength training certifications to help my clients develop and maintain a strong foundation of physical strength, balance, and flexibility. Each client is unique, so I take the time to understand their specific needs and goals before creating personalized training plans tailored to them. If you're looking for a personal trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, I would love to work with you. Together, we can create a training plan perfect for your needs and help you become the healthiest version of yourself!

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Our Studio

Our Studio

We can also come to you!

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